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Women’s month is every months !

Our mothers might have not marched to be allowed to vote,walk with their face not covered or for gender equality.However,They woke up every morning to make sure their children are going to school  well presented and with something in their stomach.

We celebrate women everyday and every months,August is just the month we are more nosier lol !I willl take my time to show my gratefulness to the special women that I know during August.

Have you ever felt lonely,sad or depressed? there is a place you can find a mother full of love,she shares her love with everyone.Her house is a place you never leave empty!Whenever Its time to say goodbye I leave with joy,peace and a heart fully loaded with love.She is a super hero,blessed,humbled and always smilling! read more

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Be courageous !

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“Success is not final,failure is not fatal : it is the courage to continue that counts.”Winston Churchill’

Aurelie Kasongo,born 26 september 1995 founder of BibiAfrica.

I started my career in a call center where I worked for about 9 months in the customer care department.Then,resigned to start my own company BibiAfrica.

It took me a lot of courage to have my own start-up specially when you know there won’t be a salary anymore.But,the idea of working 24 hours for my own company was better than working 8 hours for someone only to be undervalue at the end of the month by the number of zero that kicks into your bank account. read more